About Us


As SELKOM ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN, during the process of the architectural Project and every

phase of the construction duration, with the experience accumulated from various successful projects                   

we have completed and taken charge of, together with our experienced team, senior consultants and Project partners,

we assure you that we can provide all kinds of support and consultancy services.                      

For your information, our work scheme we organize around three fundamental principals is as follows...                     

“PROJECT AND DESIGN SERVICES”                        

“PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES”                        


Within the context of these headings;         

Architectural Project,                      

Interior Design Project,              

Design Development, Avant Project, Final Project, Application Project and Detail Drawings,           

Preperation of all Specification Information Sheets and Bid Documents for all diciplines,            

Coordination of Engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, infrastructure and ground engineering)      

Consultancy Diciplines (traffic, fire, lighting, acustics, cost estimation and bill of quantities) of all                                    

Architectural – Interior Design work,                   

Architectural – Interior Design work of small scale structures, Construction of Interior Spaces and arrangement of landscaping...                      

In this regard;         

We will be delighted to be your Solution Partner in all Work and Projects for the services we provide,         

We wish you success in your Projects…